The Point of Vanishing & Other Dreams


In my blog, I explore the themes that weave through my stories and dreams:

the need to belong, and the fear of loss; the longing for family and home and love; loneliness and the extraordinary power of the human spirit; depression - and hope; the clarifying presence of the natural world, and ways of being awake and alive in the only moment we really have: this one.

I hope you'll follow me beyond the storytelling, and join me on this very human journey....


"Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." ~Oscar Wilde

‘I dream my paintings and then I paint my dreams’. ~Vincent Van Gogh

The following little creations are taken from recent dreams, rough hewn and unpolished, mined directly from the unconscious. They are the raw material for future Wishing Tree tales, and they are very, very short .


This collection of short stories is dedicated to my Anam Cara, AB.

Each story in this collection is inspired by a dream.

Some of my dreams arrive conveniently story-shaped and need little alteration. Other dreams supply the seed of an idea, which with careful tending and shaping can grow into a magnificent tree.

Mostly, the stories start off in the world we all know. Then something untoward tends to happen, and they veer off sideways. Some are unsettling, one or two humorous, others are infused with sadness. They touch on universal things: loneliness, the fear of abandonment, or of not belonging. The power of hope, and love. The danger of getting what you long for.... They arise from the place where the inner world meets the outer and how impossible it can be to tell the two apart.

Each tale explores the thin edge between what is known and unknown, what is familiar and strange. Sometimes the narrator is a person; other times a tree...or the sea...or a garden....

For the child in us all.

In my dreams I found a little of the beauty I had vainly sought in life, and wandered through old gardens and enchanted woods. ~ H. P. LOVECRAFT, "Ex Oblivione"

Favourite films that have whet my creative appetite the most:

  1. The Fall (directed by Tarsem, not to be confused with the TV series)
  2. Song of the Sea (animated)
  3. Mary and Max (claymation)
  4. All About Time
  5. Another Earth
  6. Pina (dance)
Instrumental music I regularly listen to while scribbling:
  1. Ludivico Einaudi
  2. Philip Aaberg
  3. Helen Jane Long
  4. Debussy, Ravel and Satie
  5. Amy Shreve (harp)
  6. Amiina
Music I can't listen to while writing but which generally awes me:
  1. Shannon Hawley
  2. Joanne Newsom (harp and voice) 
  3. Alexi Murdoch/ Nick Drake
  4. Lisa Hannigan 
Some favourite authors and poets, too many to name.....:

  1. Mary Oliver (poet), Ali Shaw (The Girl with Glass Feet), Fredrik Backman (My Grandmother Sends her Regards and Apologises), Ray Bradbury, Tolkien (long before he became fashionable), Laini Taylor, Susanna Clark (Jonathan Norrell and Dr Strange), Mitch Albom (The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto), Benjamin Hoff (The Te of Piglet)....etc etc etc.....